Syntus 25 years

In December 1998 Syntus was created. An excursion on 7 July 2024 was to commemorate the creation of Syntus. Syntus (Synthesis of Bus and Train) was a step towards the privatisation of public transport and integration of local rail and bus services. The company at the time was a direct descendant of the Dutch railway-owned bus companies. A few years later it was sold to the French Keolis, though the Syntus name was retained for the concessions it already owned. Over the years Syntus (Keolis) won and lost various concessions. The original area Achterhoek was the only one with Syntus’s yellow and white livery with a blue trim/lettering. It won and later lost Veluwe (ice blue and green buses), Overijssel (blue buses), and Twente (red buses). It still has Utrecht regional (white and red) and Almere (blue, as Keolis). Pictures of the excursion buses can be found here.