Our site is renewed and now organised as a database, which allows searching for operators and buses. It also makes updates much faster and easier. Accessing information can be done through the tree of continents, countries and operators or by directly using the search buttons on this page.

Het Nederlandse deel van de site is gemaakt in samenwerking met de Autobus Documentatie Vereniging en heeft als basis de database met alle Nederlandse bussen, bestaand en historisch. Er staan dan ook alle bekende bussen in, met of zonder foto. GA DIRECT NAAR DE NEDERLAND PAGINA

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Transit Oost (NLD) open day.

19 September 2023

Transit Oost in Winterswijk is a local transport museum with several buses and a diesel trainset. It also has a large model railway displaying the Winsterswijk rail scene and town some 80 years ago. Its buses all belonged to regional bus company GTW and its successor GSM. On the open day on September 17, 2023 […]

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Market Garden commemoration, 16 September 2023

Market Garden was the Allied Forces’ operation in September 1944 to be able to cross the river Rhine at Arnhem in the Netherlands and defeat the German troops there. 2000 Paratroopers were dropped at the Ginkelse Heath near Arnhem. The operation was a failure and many people lost their lives. Each year a ceremony takes […]

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Jordan pictures added

22 August 2023

Pictures taken in Jordan have been added to the site! Click here to see all the pictures or go to the Jordan page.

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