Market Garden commemoration, 16 September 2023

Market Garden was the Allied Forces’ operation in September 1944 to be able to cross the river Rhine at Arnhem in the Netherlands and defeat the German troops there. 2000 Paratroopers were dropped at the Ginkelse Heath near Arnhem. The operation was a failure and many people lost their lives. Each year a ceremony takes place at the site with speeches, wreath laying, and paratrooper droppings. It draws large crowds. Buses are used to shuttle visitors between the site and Ede-Wageningen railway station and the parking spaces there. The shuttle services were organised by Pouw Vervoer which uses its own buses and coaches of the local company Noot/De BusSpecialits, with a few buses of Hermes (Breng and RRReis) on loan. The military brings their own coaches, Volvo 9700 vehicles. Non-bus related pictures can be found on my Flickr-site. For pictures click here.