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Luchthaven Schiphol – Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport has used airside buses almost since its inception. Not too much is known about the older fleet,  including semitrailer buses.

Later services were tendered to Connexxion Tours, then HTM Specials. These partly provided their own vehicles.

The first modern apron buses were three Neoplan N912 buses with Mercedes engines, bought in 1986 and numbered 20-22. Two more, with DAF engines, followed in 1987 and received numbers 23-24. They were sold already in 1989 to Malaga Airport in Spain.

They were replaced by standard DAF SB220 -Hainje city buses,  numbers 25-30 in 1988, 31-33 in 1989 and 34-36, to a more modern design, in 1990.

In November 1995 the services were tendered to NZH Travel, later Connexxion Tours, which provided its own buses.

The second batch of real apron buses purchased by Schiphol, were 20 Cobus 2700LF, purchased in 2003. The services were still tendered to Connexxion Tours, and from 21 April 2014 to HTM Specials. The Cobus fleet was sold in 2015.

The replacement fleet consisted of 37 (35 were announced but 37 do exist) electric BYD Ebus K9C-13A buses, which entered service in 2015. Numbers are 101-137.

The fleet was not sufficient and in 2019, 13 ex-Warszawa, Poland, Solaris Urbino 12 buses were rented. They were built in 2007 and received numbers 155-167. One ex-Luxemburg Volvo was present, received number 170, but apparently was never used.

In 2020 the temporary buses were replaced by 16 new BYD K9UB buses, numbered 201-216. They have different liveries.

In March 2023 five identical buses were added, numbers 217-221. They were built in 2020 and came from a surplus of vehicles for the Keolis fleet for the Veluwe concession.

Still, three ex-Amsterdam diesel buses were rented in April 2023 and numbered 151-153. They are VDL Citea SLF120, dating from 2011.

In February 2024 Schiphol announced it would seek tenders for 58 new emission-free vehicles to replace the existing fleet, with an option for 42 more to expand the fleet as in the coming years more bus-terminals will be required because of construction work. Click here for info.