Population ca 2,7 million
Large cities: Chișinăui

General information

Moldova’s capital Chișinău has an extensive trolleybus network operated by Regia Transport Electric Chișinău (RTEC). It opened in 1949, is 245 km in length and has 24 routes.

Another municipal company, I.M. Parcul Urban de Autobuze, operates a network of dieselbuses is Chișinău.

In addition to the two municipal companies, several private operators are active in the city, some with large buses, other with small ones. Rarely a company name is displayed. In January 2019 14 private companies were licensed to operate in Chișinău. The municipality publishes a list with names, contacts and routes. It can be downloaded here. One of the companies, Rita Prim, has secondhand Dutch Den Oudsten buses.

Several other companies exist in Moldova, BIAS Trans is an exemple. However, most interurban and rural buses don’t display a company name, just a destination board.

The fleets of RTEC and PAU are a mix of older East European vehicles (ZIU, Skoda, Ikarus) and a variety of new vehicles. Other buses are mostly secondhand west European vehicles. Among those many Mercedes buses and coaches, but also some Setra and Den Oudsten.

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