Thailand coaches
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On the following pages series of coaches, as yet not ordered....just click on the pictures!
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There are many tourist coaches, school buses and long-distance buses in Thailand. While the chassis makes are rather standard Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, Nissan and Hino with lesser numbers of other makes, there are numerous producers of bodywork, some larger but many very local ones. A number of 200 has been estimated at some point in time. Unfortunately the make of the bus is rarely displayed nor are there building plates of body builders. The lack of standard models makes it basically impossible to tell who built the bus. Also, rebuilding takes often place. And the Thai bus builders are eager model copiers, using any design they like. During the 1980's and 1990's Neoplan and Padane Z (which has been imported and assembled in Thailand) models were popular, nowadays body builders use their phantasy to create some incredible, though not always practical designs. At the lower end of the market vehicles are more straightforward, often using the sliding windows in aluminum frames. To make things even more complicated, the Thai are great in badge-engineering: never trust a name on a vehicle. A Volvo might very well be a Hino, and many older vehicles bear the name "Neoplan" or "O404" though they are neither Neoplan nor Mercedes buses. On these pages coaches, school buses and long distance buses are shown. When enough pictures have been uploaded an attempt will be made to categorise them. For the time being just enjoy. And should you have more information, please let us know!