Midibuses in Lebanon

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In addition to the company owned buses, private owners operate buses, mostly Mitsubishi Rosa and Nissan Civillian, which are widely used on urban services in all larger cities (Beirut, Tripoli, Saida) and regional services. Smaller numbers of Isuzu, Toyota, Kia, Asia and Hyundai were also seen. Chinese buses were only seen in the form of some minibuses, as were two South Korean Ssongyang. Most midibuses are beige and do not carry any fleetnames. Ownership is private but buses are assigned to specific routes by the authorities and in urban areas often carry route numbers. On these services smaller numbers of Turkish and Korean midi buses can also be found (Otoyol, Isuzu, Otokar, Asia, Hyundai, KIA). The midibuses are also used for transport of personnel, as school buses or other contract work, and as tourist coaches.
Beirout city buses Tripoli city buses
Saida city buses Various midibuses
In order to facilitate the overview, this chapter has been subdivided into urban buses in Beirout, Tripoli and Saida, and other midibuses. Please click on the pictures to continue.