Buses in Bahrain
760 sq km.
Population 1.3 million
Large cities: Manama





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UPDATE 2014-06-22
The island state of Bahrain is, with its 760 square kilometers, a very small country. The number of buses is estimated at some 1000. A public transport service is currently operated by Cars Transport Corporation. There are some other private operators with buses used by factories and schools, seen are Al Alawi Transport Est, National Transport Co, Al Arabiya Transport Est and Capital Transport Est. SABTCO (Saoudi-Bahraini Transport Company) and its division Bahrain Limo cater for the high end of the market and provide public transport to Saoudi Arabia over the King Fahd Causeway. "Taxi buses" provide additional services over the same routes as Cars. Several factories and schools do not contract services from transport operators but have their own buses.

The EFE Showbus website shows buses in Bahrain at an unknown date (probably 1990's) with Bahrain Transport using red and white Nissan buses on urban services and Falcon Transport and Asia Transport using blue and white midibuses and Indian built TATA's on trans-island services. Capital Transport had Indian Ashok-Leyland, also blue and white and still exists in 2014. In addition there were many Japanese built midibuses (taxi buses) and some US schoolbuses.

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