Saoudi-Bahraini Transport Co (SABTCO) / Bahrein Limo
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SABTCO buses....just click on the pictures!
Toyota Coaster
Scania -Busscar
King Long
King Long
King Long
Setra S415HD

From the SABTCO site:
"Established in 2003, Bahrain Limo was the First Company to use luxurious vehicles in the Middle East. We consequently quickly became the dominant player in the limousine business offering high quality services at affordable prices. We are the only specialized limousine service providers within Bahrain and Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Hence our reputation and reliability has made us the market leader providing us with 85% of the market share of the Saudi Bahraini Causeway business. We have a vehicle crossing the causeway every 7 minutes round the clock. Our services are extended to cover most organizations within the Public and Private Sectors."

Bahrein Limo is part of SABTCO. The company provides transport in Bahrein and the eastern part of Saoudi Arabia. Buses are registred in Bahrein and Saoudi Arabia.