Ikarus buses and assembly in Libya
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Known export of Ikarus (CKD or complete) are:
Ikarus 311 1x in 1962
Ikarus 255, 50x in 1975
Ikarus 256, 5x in 1984
Ikarus 266, 40x in 1975
Ikarus 271 on IVECO, 895 between 1984 and 1990.
The Ikarus 271 was assembled or built in Lybia.

From the Ikarus book "Rolling Legends":
"The cooperation between Ikarus and IVECO began in 1984 with a chassis-based bus designed for a traditional market of the Italian manufacturer, Libya, which wished to develop its vehicle industry. The favourable political relatiosnhip with Hungary facilitated the establishment of an assembly plant in Libya. The first 11.6 m long Ikarus 271 body (version 271.01) was built on an IVECO AP160.24 chassis. The Ikarus plant built 3 complete vehicles in 1984 and in the same year, another 182 units were delivered as KD sets. Further versions were built on the IVECO CB 5348-11-115 chassis. Until 1987 they were assembled on site, then, between 1988 and 1990, in Hungary. The 271.01 version had a two-section folding door in front of the front axle and a four-section folding door behind the rear one and had 30 seats. All other versions had two-section folding doors both front and back and had roof racks for up to one tonne of luggage."