430 sq km.
Population 289.000
Large cities: Bridgetown

General information

Barbados has three parallel bus systems: the Barbados Transport Board (established 1955) with large blue buses with a yellow band, privately owned midibuses in a yellow livery with a blue band and minibuses that are white with a red band. There are also coaches that become especially active when cruise ships call at the port, and a few other buses.
ACME was Barabados’ bus body builder. It used to build manu interesting bodies on (British) chassis but recent vehicles are Hino midibuses. Large buses in Barbados are now of Brazilian, Japanese and Chinese origin.
The Transport Board and yellow private buses operate public transport and school service. Coach services are operated by private companies. Their registrations start with BT. The number of coaches is probably less than 100. They are modern vehicles, with a few Chinese buses, some Japanese midibuses and with Hino Rainbow RJ as the most important model. One old government (police?) owned Leyland was seen, though it was no longer used as a bus.
Coach companies seen are:
Foster & Ince Cruise Services
Hibiscus Tours
Cain & Son Tours
Countrylife Tours
Ivo Taxi & Tours
Ryan Tours & Transport

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