Rwanda has buses for transport of workers, children, the military, tourists and other non-public transport uses.
In order to create a good overview we divided this page in seven subpages according to the use of the buses.

Organisations and projects have buses to transport their personnel, beneficiaries or are used for special projects. The most interesting ones in this category are the computer buses of the Rwanda Development Board and the Biodiesel Express bus.
Hotel, tourist and shuttle buses are vehicles belonging to hotels, conference centers and travel agencies. They are used for the transport of guests, conferences members and tourists.
Airport buses are used on the platform of Kigali airport.
Higher education institutions, both government and private, have buses, often large ones, to transport students on special occasions.
School buses are used to transport pupils between the school and their homes. Since the end of 2014 these are mandatory in school bus yellow colors. This makes them also dedicated vehicles, contrary to the period before this date when often vehicles belonging to bus operators also performed school bus duties. The scheme gave also rise to the emergence of new companies dedicated to school transport.
Company buses are used for the transport of personnel and workers. Several large buses are used by foreign construction firms. Sulfo Rwanda is a company with a few personnel buses that already existed in 1986.
Government buses include vehicles belonging to the military and police, the correctional services, Auditor General, Institute of Statistics and so one. Buses that in general only transport people belonging to those instititions.
Unknown owner. Finally a page with buses with no clear ownership or use.

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