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The Ivory Coast page is being re-established!

It will consist of the following sub-pages:

-SOTRA (Société de Transport Abidjanaise), the large public transport company created in 1961, providing bus and river transport in Abidjan and, recently, in Bouaké and Yamoussoukro.

-STUB (Société de Transport Urbain de Bouaké), an ill-fated enterprise that lasted just a few years from 2005-2011.

-regional companies, of which there are over 200!

-other buses (schools, factories, airport)

-the “Gbaka” or taxi-brousse

-bus builders

-the railway



January 26, 2023: The collaboration between SOTRA and IVECO led to the establishment of an assembly line for Daily minibuses, called the Daily Ivoire. The factory was inaugurated on the 10th of January 2022. On 26th  January 2023, 40 new buses were presented and will be used to modernise urban transport by private operators in the Abobo and Youpogon area of Abidjan. The buses are called l’Abidjanais.

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