1,240,192 sq km
Population 12,666,987
Large cities: Bamako

General information

Urban buses exist in the capital Bamako.
STUB (Société de Transport Urban de Bamako): An article in Jeune Afrique 1591 of June 1991 mentiones that a Mr Mamadou Lamine Tounkara and his partners wanted to set up an urban transport system with 60 Mercedes-Benz minibuses with a capacity of 40 (!) (a picture shows a standard Mercedes-Benz Vario midibus which would be able to old some 20 seated passengers). The fleet would be able to transport some 40,000 passengers per day. The initiative was based on a World Bank studie. Malien partners and various donors were to finance the system, with Mercedes-Benz also contributing. It is understood the system indeed started but no trace was found of it in 2008.

An article on of October 8, 2007, mentiones three bus companies: Compagnie Diarra Transport, Bittar-Trans and SOTRAMA (most likely Société de Transport Malien). The latter was said to have provided urban services in Bamako with large, old, buses, but appears to have dissappeared.
Pictures from August 2008 show Diarra Transport and Bani Transport on Bamako urban routes. Bani Transport, SOBAand Gana Transport appear on long distance routes. Most buses appear to be secondhand vehciles from France. The small Mercedes-Benz minibuses are omnipresent. Click hereto go to the pictures.

No formal bus body builders are known to exist in Mali, though local workshops will repair and rebuilt buses.

Contributions were made by:
Jelle Jansen
John Veerkamp


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