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Qbuzz, concession DMG (9 December 2018 to 12 December 2026)
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-September 2019: Reality showed Qbuzz needed more buses for the Rnet-services. The first one of a series of 11, numbered 6340, arrived in September 2019.
-problems with the electric IVECO buses and with the charging stations in Gorinchem meant that temporary buses were needed from the start, for which small buses came from Utrecht concession, Snelle Vliet and Juijn. Also, there were large problems with the schedules which were difficult to maintain. Several ex Arriva Volvo Hybrids re-entered service and in January three ex Connexxion MAN buses lost their green “stadsbuzz” livery and became Rnet red (again) to serve on Rnet routes.
Numbering the buses also proved challenging, with the temporary MAN buses numbering complete mixed-up and the neighborhood buses 6671-6677 starting out as 6657-6660, 6662, 6663, 6661 in the computer system, which was corrected by the end of January 2019. The eighth neignorhood bus, which was assigned to Utrecht concession following the integration of Vijfheerenlanden to Utrecht province, has an UOv livery and also carries erroniously number 6675, which is not used in the computers system.

With the arrival of the electric Ebusco buses the temporary buses with the same numbers are (at least the first ones) renumbered. EBUSCO 6127 and 6128 arrived in January and MAN 6128 and 6128 were renumberd 6136 and 6137.

Qbuzz won the concession DAV from Arriva. The name of the concession was changed to DMG (Drechtsteden-Molenlanden-Gorinchem). On 6 March 2018 the company presented its plans, which, in overview, consist of:
-a revision of the Rnet network with faster services to Rotterdam;
-express services (Express Buzz) and regional services (Streek Buzz) to complement;
-a revision of Dordrecht city services (Stads Buzz) to include the “Drechtsteden”, Papendrecht, Zwijndrecht and Sliedrecht in one network;
-innovative services for door-to-door transport in heigborhoods and villages; mobility as a service;
-fast wifi, USB connections in buses and trains;
-new buses, and new interior in the trains (which are taken over from Arriva, the train service Dordrecht-Gorinchem-Geldermalsen is part of the concession.

Part of the services are contracted to Juijn, who opened a new depot for this in Gorinchem. TCR operates ten Rnet buses.

On January 1, 2019, the municipalities of Leerdam, Zederik (in Zuid Holland Province) and Vianen (in Utrecht Province) will merge into one new municipality Vijfheerenlanden, which will belong to Utrecht Province. Bus services of the previous DAV concession will be transferred to UOV (Qbuzz, Utrecht Province). The name change of DAV to DMG is a result of this change, as the V stood for Vijfheerenlanden!

For the on-demand services (Bestel Buzz) and additional transport, QBUZZ joined hands with BNV Mobility who will use the TURNN app.  See http://www.bnvmobility.com/en/turnn-en/

The fleet consists of:
-6101-6137: EBUSCO 2.2 electric city bus “Stadsbuzz” (green-grey, city bus); (37, Dordrecht city services)
-6154-6156: IVECO Rosero electric midibuses “Stadsbuzz” (green-grey, extension route 10, Dordrecht)
-6201-6222: Scania -Higer “Expressbuzz” (blue-grey, express services 387, 388)
-6301-6318: IVECO Crossway LE Rnet buses (red-dark grey)
-6319-6328: IVECO Crossway LE Rnet buses (red-dark grey), operated by TCR as 729-738)
-6401-6416: IVECO Crossway LE “Expressbuzz” (blue-grey, express services)
-6501-6522: IVECO Crossway LE “Streekbuzz” (green-grey, regional services)
-6601-6610: IVECO Rosero midibuses “Streekbuzz” (green-grey, reg. services, Juijn, 74-80, 93)
-6651-6656: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter “Stads+Streekbuzz” (green-grey, regional services, Juijn)
-6657-6663: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter “Buurtbuzz” (yellow-grey, neighborh.bus). First 6671-6677
-Mercedes-Benz Sprinter “Bestelbuzz” (white; on-demand services, operated by taxi companies).

ex Arriva:
-6151-6153: IVECO -Rosero electric midibuses for Dordrecht route 10
-6161-6162: VDL Citea LLE99 Electric for Gorinchem city services

-D6101- D6135: MAN Lion’s City T ex Connexxion until the EBUSCO are available.
-5401-5427: the 27 Volvo Hybrids Arriva was using in Dordrecht werel transfered to Qbuzz. It was announced that they would be exported to Italy but that did not materialise and they were stored. In December 13, 2018, five were returned to Dordrecht and entered service with Qbuzz logo’s, retaining their old numbers.

The network consists of:
-city buses in Dordrecht: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10
-city buses in Gorinchem: 1, 5, 6, route 1 with electric buses, 5 with minibuses
-local buses Zwijndrecht-Ridderkerk-Hendrik Ido Ambacht: 21, 22 both with minibuses
-regional services 74, 75, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 90, 93, 190, 191, 192, of which 77 and 78 are operated with minibuses
-express routes 316, 387, 388 and 392
-Rnet routes 488, 489 and 491
-school bus route 674 (which is just a school days only variant of 74)
-neighborhood buses 701, 702, 704, 705, 706, 707 and 717
-the train service Dordrecht-Gorinchem-Geldermalsen (Merwede-Lingelijn) is operated as an Rnet-service
-on-demand services.

Timetables can be downloaded here.  A network plan is not yet available.

Tarifs vary by bus service.

Old news:
-TCR will operate ten Rnet buses.
-the 27 Volvo Hybrid buses ex Arriva will go to Busitalia and will not be used in the Netherlands. Instead, 35 ex Connexxion MAN Lion’s City T will be temporarily used until the EBUSCO arrive.
-the 37 EBUSCO electric buses will not be available at the start of the concession. The 27 Volvo Hybrid buses of Arriva will remain in service until the EBUSCO have arrived.
-QBUZZ and BNV-Mobility (TURNN) collaborate to provide additional transport services. See http://www.bnvmobility.com/en/turnn-en/
-part of the services will be contracted to Juijn, who opened a depot in Gorinchem for this. Juijn is already a subcontractor for Arriva in the area east of Gorinchem.
-Omnibus Spiegel had the scope: there will be 37 EBUSCO 2.2 buses with bodywork by BCI in DAV.
-2018-03: Qbuzz presented its plans for the new concession and an overview of the fleet of new buses.
-2018-02: Qbuzz officially has been awarded the DAV concession from December 2018 onwards after no objections were filed.


6101-6137: Ebusco 2.2 Electric (Stadsbuzz)
6154-6156: IVECO-Rosero el. (Stadsbuzz)

6201-6222: Scania -Higer (Snelbuzz)
: IVECO Crossway LE (Rnet)
6319-6328: IVECO Crossway LE (Rnet)/TCR
6329: IVECO Crossway LE (Rnet)/TCR
6340: IVECO Crossway LE (Rnet)
6401-6416: IVECO Crossway LE (Snelbuzz)
6501-6522: IVECO Crossway LE (Streekbuzz)
6601-6610: IVECO-Rosero (Streekbuzz)/Juijn
6651-6656: MB/Tribus (Stad+Streekb.)/Juijn
6657-6663 (6671-6677): MB/Tribus (Buurtbuzz)
xxxx: MB/Tribus (Bestelbuzz)/???

from previous concession:
6151-6153: IVECO-Rosero electric (ex Arriva)
6161-6162: VDL Citea LLE99 electric (ex Arriva)

additional buses:
3316: Mercedes-B. Citaro C2 (Rnet)
3657, 3661, 3664: Merc.-B. Integro L2 (Snelb)

temporary buses:
5401…5427: Volvo B5LH -Volvo 7705 (ex Arriva)
D6101-35 (-37, 63-65): MAN Lion’s City T (ex Conn.)
D6122/26/30: MAN Lion’s City T (ex Conn.) Rnet
4370-4372: Mercedes-B. Sprinter City 77 (Qbuzz)
4002/31/36/53/65/66: Mercedes-B. Citaro C2 (Qb)
3122…3290 (18x): Mercedes-B. Citaro C2 (Qb)
3114…3316 (8x): Mercedes-B. Citaro C2 (Qb)
4424…4531: VDL-Berkhof Ambass. 200 (Qb)
Snelle Vliet

6350-6351: Stadler GTW EMU 2/6 (ex Arriva)
6352-6359: Stadler GTW EMU 2/8 (ex Arriva)

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