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concession IJssel-Vecht: 13-12-2020 to 12-2022

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Finally, Keolis received an emergency concession for two years, starting 13 December 2020, which it is implementing as foreseen. All BYD buses are put into service. However, the small buses that were purchased through GINAF did not come. Instead, some Rosero midibuses from the Syntus Utrecht concession were transferred.

The new fleet consists of 12.2-meter buses BYD 2001-2188 and 2201-2218. 2001-2136 are built in China, 2137-2188 and 2201-2218 in Hungary. The latter are for Zwolle city services and have a different pantograph-up instead of pantograph-down charging system. For fast longer distance services, the 13.2-meter BYD K9UE 2301-2340 came. These are built in China. They are in a different livery and branded comfortRRReis. All other buses are in the standard white livery with RRReis branding.

Retained from the previous concession are the recently purchased Mercedes-Benz CapaCity buses 4201-4208, renumbered 2601-2608, which are used for the Zwolle school services.

For the Ede-Wageningen area, Mercedes-Benz Citaro CNG 12-meter and articulated buses are retained. This part of the concession will go to the new Rijn-Waal concession in a few years. Some of these buses (5201-5204) retain the old livery and are reserve.

The old neighbourhood buses of the 300 and 800-series are (partly) retained. Because of the COVID-19 situation, the use of small buses is currently limited.

For the mid-sized buses, a number of Rosero are transferred from the Utrecht concession, where they are not needed anymore. Numbers 1805-1811 are the first ones.

Small 8-passenger Mercedes-Benz buses are used on low-capacity lines and on evening or Sunday services on some routes. These are in RRR-livery and are subcontracted to Munckhof and (just a few) to Noot.

Some school services are subcontracted to Pouw Vervoer, VTS and Van Kooten, for which buses and coaches are used that do not need to be in RRR livery.

For Keolis Rail services (Blauwnet) four VDL-Berkhof Ambassador 200 buses are retained and renumbered 7101-7104. These are based in Zwolle.

This site has an overview of the various routes and schedules.

Previous news:
7 July 2020: it was announced that the provinces were withdrawing the Keolis contract as fraud was discovered. As a result, the new concession will only start in December 2021 and an emergency concession will be implemented for one year.

6 December 2019: It was officially announced that Keolis ordered 259 electric buses with BYD for the new concession IJssel-Vecht that starts in December 2020. There are 206 12-meter buses, the others are 13 meters and 8.7 meters. In addition, small electric Chinese-built buses were ordered through GINAF. No articulated buses have been ordered, for the time being, existing CNG artics and the new Capacity buses in Zwolle will be retained.

On 20 March 2019, the province of Overijssel published the new livery and name. Click here for the site. In July 2019 it was announced that Connexxion, Arriva, Keolis and EBS were bidding for the concession.

The English translation of the Dutch text in the link above:

From December 2020, travellers on regional public transport in the Eastern Netherlands will not only be travelling on new and sustainable buses but also on buses with a new look. “With the brand and house style“ RRReis ”in a purple-blue-green style, we present regional public transport in the provinces of Flevoland, Gelderland and Overijssel as one cohesive network of reliable and accessible public transport. Travellers reach their destination carefree without having to think about provincial borders and different regional carriers, “said the deputies Jop Fackeldey (Flevoland), Conny Bieze (Gelderland) and Bert Boerman (Overijssel). The spelling of RRReis with an “R” three times symbolizes the cooperation of the three provinces. The brand and the “RRReis” house style are gradually being introduced in the three provinces. The new vehicles get this style with every new bus and train concession.
Recognizable regional public transport

Before the definitive choice for the new brand was made, various names and styles for public transport were tested among residents of the three provinces. RRReis with a purple-blue-green colour emerged as the best. The colours represent reliability, innovation and connection. The name RRReis is also easy to combine with different product formulas or campaigns to bring bus and train transport to the attention of residents and visitors. The brand and the corporate identity “RRReis” is owned by the three provinces, so that even with a new tender the uniform appearance and recognisability of regional public transport will be continued.
Enter gradually

The colleges of the Provincial Executive of Flevoland, Gelderland and Overijssel work together in the tendering of bus and train transport in the three provinces. There are currently seven different areas for public transport in the east of the Netherlands. This will be three. The first new IJssel-Vecht concession starts in December 2020. At the beginning of September 2019, it will be known which transport company will drive here in the coming 10 years. In December 2022 the new buses will run in the Rhine-Waal area. In the Berkel-Dinkel area, this will be from December 2023. From December 2021 the regional trains will gradually get a new look.

The provinces of Flevoland, Overijssel and Gelderland decided to re-arrange the concession areas to better reflect passenger flows, rather than using administrative provincial boundaries. The re-arrangement includes:
-merger of the concession Midden Overijssel (now Syntus) and the Veluwe concession (now Syntus) per December 2020. For the Midden Overijssel concession, that terminates in August 2020, a transition solution will be proposed to cover the period August-December 2020,
-integration of the concession Lelystad (now Arriva) per December 2021,
-integration of the concession IJsselmond (now OV Regio IJsselmond=Connexxion) by the end of 2023.

During the concession period the southernmost part of the Veluwe concession will be separated (logically to be integrated into Arnhem-Nijmegen in 2022 or 2024), as will be the Deventer area (logically to be integrated into Achterhoek in 2025. It may very well be possible that by that time a reorganisation of Achterhoek-Arnhem/Nijmegen-Rivierenland also takes place.

The tender was published 10 September 2018, submissions can be done until 19 October 2018.

New buses
2001-2136: BYD K9UB (China)
2137-2188: BYD K9UB (Hungary)
2201-2218: BYD K9UB (Zwolle)
2301-2340: BYD K9UE (Comfort)

Retained long term
2601-2608: Mercedes CapaCity

Retained short term
303-305: Mercedes Sprinter
801-825: Mercedes Sprinter
826-835: Mercedes Sprinter
836-838: Mercedes Sprinter
1805-1811: Rosero
5201-5204: Mercedes Citaro CNG
5205-5211: Mercedes Citaro CNG
5258..5279: Mercedes Citaro G CNG
various: VDL-Berkhof Ambass. 200

Subcontracted (minibuses)
Mercedes Sprinter
Mercedes Sprinter

(school services series 600)
Pouw Vervoer
various buses
Van Kooten
various coaches
various coaches

Keolis Rail Services (Blauwnet)
7101-7104: VDL-Berkhof Amba.200

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