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Veolia Transport Limburg
Maastricht, Netherlands
10-12-2006 to 11-12-2016

Veolia won the concessions Limburg South and Limburg North and started its operations on December 10, 2006, taking over from Hermes, the provincial operator and integrating the small regional company Limex and Maastricht city services that were already owned by Veolia (though under the Connex name). Limex and Stadsbus Maastricht became already Veolia Limburg on 2 September 2006 and their buses already recieved Veolia logo’s, though not all and in different ways, to get the public used to the new name. The concession includes urban services in Maastricht, Sittard, Heerlen-Kerkrade (Parkstad), Roermond, Venlo, Weert and Venray, all regional bus services, the organization of demand-services, and regional train services Roermond-Venlo-Nijmegen and Kerkrade-Heerlen-Maastricht. The concession runs through December 10, 2016, when Arriva will take over. The tendering process in 2015 was completely skewed but Veolia still lost the concession. The winner was Abellio (Dutch Railways) but because of fraud the second offer, of Arriva, was selected.

The livery of all vehicles is white and red. As not all vehicles were available at the start of the concession some were rented for a short while from Hermes and Limex and Maastricht vehicles continued for a few months. Otherwise the concession has known little change. As part of the bus fleet needed to be renewed halfway the concession, 54 new VDL Citea were bought. When it became clear that Veolia had lost the concession those were sent to partner company Connexxion and replaced by older VDL Ambassador, freed from the Brabant and Zeeland concessions, which Veolia also had lost. The bus fleet is very standard, with VDL Ambassador as the mainstay, Volvo 7700 as city buses in Maastricht, a few Volvo 8700 long-distance vehicles, seven MAN articulated buses for the Sittard-Heerlen-Kerkrade service and some Mercedes midibuses for low-demand services. The on-demand services and neighbourhood buses are eight-seater Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. At the end of the concession all vehicles were withdrawn.

In spite of the uniformity of the fleet there are now many subseries. Part of the original fleet was replaced by the new VDL Citea but when those were moved to Connexxion they were in turn replaced by VDL Ambassador from the Brabant and Zeeland concessions, with some Zeeland vehicles passing through Brabant and some Limburg vehicles that went to Brabant returning. As air-conditioning was mandatory in Limburg but not in Brabant and Zeeland, the transferred vehicles were retrofitted with air-conditioning.

Veolia Transport Limburg had a subsidiary for contract transport with some 15 buses, which it took over from predecessor Stadsbus Maastricht (SBM Besloten Vervoer). Initially the fleet was separate with different bus models and its own numbering scheme but gradually those were replaced by vehicles from the main fleet which retained their numbers and livery and are indistinguishable from the main fleet. In January 2013 this subsidiary was renamed Veolia Transport Limburg Tour.

VDL Ambassador new
ex Brabant/Zeeland
Volvo 7700
Volvo 8700
VDL Citea
Articulated buses
831-835, 842 (V. Hool)
6759-6765 (MAN)

long-term trials
121: Citea
121: Citea Euro 6

121: Citea electric
160: Irisbus Crossway

Short term demo’s

Mercedes Sprinter
1501, ex
1526-1531, ex
1560…1589, ex
1593…1597, ex
73/74xx=>1530..38, ex


SBM Beslot.Verv./
Veolia Limburg Tour

NS diesel (temp.)
NS electric (temp)
diesel sets
electric sets

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