Former Public Transport Concessions in The Netherlands


This page is made in collaboration with the
Netherlands Bus Documentation Society / Autobus Documentatie Vereniging
and aims at providing an overview of the Dutch bus industry.

On this page we present concessions that have recently expired. As the clear fleet distinction between concessions is a recent phenomena, the fleets of older concessions are integrated into the company pages. The main operators Connexxion and Arriva could keep their corporate livery for buses in the different concessions they operated and they still had many older buses from the predecessor companies. Fleets were thus much more dynamic, with interchanges between concessions and annual renewals to phase out old buses. Currently most concessions have new fleets from the start and a concession livery, making it easier to treat them as such.

Conn. Amstelland
Connexxion NHN
Qbuzz Friesland
Veolia Limburg
Conn. Haarlem-IJmond

30b Kleinschalig OV Westerkwartier: Taxi Nuis, 13.12.2009 to 09-12-2017
30c Kleinschalig OV Zuidwest Drenthe: CTS, 13.12.2009 to 09-12-2017
30d Kleinschalig OV Zuidoost Drenthe: (DVG /  Dorenbos, 13.12.’09 to 09.12.’17
30e Kleinschalig OV Noord-Groningen: UVO / Van Dijk, 13.12.2009 to 09-12-’17
30f Kleinschalig OV Noord-Drenthe en Haren: VMNN, 13.12.2009 to 09-12-2017
30g Kleinschalig OV Oost-Groningen: Taxi De Grooth, 13.12.2009 to 09-12-2017

Connexxion Gooi- en Vechtstreek to 2021-07

Syntus Veluwe

Syntus Overijssel

RET to 12-2019

Zuid Limburg: Limex: 03-2002 to 09-2006

NW Friesland: NoordNed: 30-05-1999 to 31-12-2005

GD: Qbuzz, to 14-12-2019

Arriva Touring HOV GD, to 14-12-2019

DAV area: Arriva, 01-01-2007 to 08-12-2018

Voorne-Putten en Rozenburg: Connexxion, 13-12-2009 to 16-12-2018

Haaglanden: Connexxion, to 24-08-2019

Conn. Almere
Hermes SRE
Veolia Haaglanden
Connexxion Friesland
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