I.M. Parcul Urban de Autobuze


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Republica Moldova, or. Chișinău str. Sarmizegetusa 51

Isuzu Citiport

The company was founded on 1 September 1955, having about 40 ZIS and PAZ buses and over 200 employees. Between 1966-1979 the company had Liaz-677 and Laz – 695 buses. In 1975 more comfortabel diesel-powered Ikarus buses arrived. The number of buses increased to 350.

In March 1979 the company moved to Sarmizegetusa street 51, where it is until now.

The fleet in October 2019 still has a large number of old Ikarus 260 and articulated Ikarus 280 buses. Newer are LIAZ 5256 buses, while the newest ones are Turkish built Anadolu Isuzu Citiport. Also seen were an MAN Lion’s Classic and a secondhand Mercedes-Benz Citaro and a Scania-Vest.

Scania -Vest

LIAZ 5256

Ikarus 280

Ikarus 260

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