Nam Som

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The buses of Nam Som.
In the far northwest of the province of Udon is a small town called Nam Som, with some 55,000 inhabitants. It is a very quiet town, only becoming somewhat lively towards the end of the morning.

The bus station is also rather calm, with little to do for the boys and girls selling lemonade and sweets, thought the food stalls are a bit busier.  Public transport in the town and region is provided by tuk-tuks, smaller and larger song-taew buses, and some minibuses. A few large buses provide long distance transport.
The nearby towns of Sri Chiang Mai with Tha Bo (not to be confused with Chiang Mai) are now two minute places on the Mekong River, but during the Indo-Chinese battle, in the nineteen fifties, these two villages were flooded with refugees from Laos. An almost forgotten dramatic history.

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