Sint Maarten

34 sq km.
Population ca 37,000
Large cities: Philipsburg

General information

The southern part of the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten is a self-governing country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 2010, when the Netherlands Antilles were dissolved. It is a major tourist destination and, though small, has a large number of coaches for tourist transport. Most are mid-sized or small vehicles, with a few large ones. Company names are rarely displayed so we organised the pictures by bus model. The large buses are several Hyundai, a Volvo -Marcopolo, a Zhongtong Creator and an IVECO (out of service). At the airport a Gillig Phantom is used. Some older pictures are also included and show secondhand Dutch buses (BOVA, Smit Joure).¬† Several ex-US school buses are used, some not as buses. We grouped those, apart from the “Da Party Bus” which merits its own page (see also their site ).
Public transport vehicles are all mini- and midibuses. There is a special page for those.
Registration plates consist of one letter followed by a number, except for public transport vehicles which use “BUS” and a number. Letters are G for “groups transport”, such as contracts and schools, P for private vehicles, M for trucks (supposedly “Merchandise”), T for tourist vehicles and R for rental vehicles. V was seen on a library vehicle. The distinction¬† between G and T is not very clear in practise. The Coast Guard services are provided by the Dutch Navy and a Toyota Hiace seen had a Dutch Navy registration.

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