The Gambia

11,295 sq km.
Population 1,824,158
Large cities: Banjul

The Gambia is a small country in western Africa with less than two million inhabitants. Public transport is mainly by small vehicles, though the Gambia Public Transport Company GPTC played a role for several decades. During the 1980’s and 1990’s GPTC’s services were supplemented by secondhand buses imported from the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavian countries and, later, Germany. A new initiative in 2008 to revive bus services by the president has been the creation of the Unique Transport Service Company UTSCO. Tourism is an important source of income and several companies and tour operators provide coach services, mainly using secondhand European vehicles. There is no bus building in Gambia.

Contributions were made by:
Carmen Heinze (2010/2011)
Koos Nienhuis (2003)
Jos Nederend (1996)
John Veerkamp (1991


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