Lesotho Freight and Bus Services Corporation

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Lesotho Freigth and Bus Services Corporation
Old Motsoene Rd, Industrial Area, Maseru, Lesotho

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Lesotho Freight and Bus Services Corporation was established by Order No. 16 of 1987 to provide transport and freight haulage within and outside of Lesotho, particularly to remote and under-serviced areas. LF&BSC is a parastatal company, hence the red on white registration plates starting with X or Y. The company plays a minor role in public transport and has few buses. Seen in 1988, when the company was one year old, were number 416 and an unnumbered bus, both Mercedes-Benz OF -BUSAF. Around 1995 10 (?) AAD buses with United Bus Bodies bodywork replaced Mercedes buses. The United Bus Bodies were cheaper than the BUSAF bodies that were used previously. During the new millenniume Mercedes-Benz OF -Marcopolo Torino were bought. The newest buses in 2015 are MAN Explorer. Since its inception the company has had around 60 buses.

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older buses
Mercedes-Benz OF -Marcopolo
MAN Lion’s Explorer


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