Ashok-Leyland buses in Ivory Coast

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Ashok-Leyland buses in Ivory Coast

Indian Ashok-Leyland buses started appearing on the roads in Ivory Coast in serious beginning of 2020. There were two parallel developments. Local bus builder Thelen started building bodywork on Leyland-Ashok chassis, catering for mid-size and larger vehicles with its Mistral and Jetcar bodywork. At the same time complete vehicles were imported. The first one was seen in December 2017, but only in February 2019 a batch of recently imported but not yet released buses was seen and only beginning of 2020 they started appearing on the roads.  These were of two smaller models: the larger Hawk and the small Mitr (Hindi, meaning friend). These were imported together with Ashok-Leyland trucks and convoys of some 30 buses plus some trucks were seen twice driving up North.

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Ashok-Leyland Hawk
Ashok-Leyland Mitr
Ashok-Leyland (other)

Ashok-Leyland -Thelen (large)
Ashok-Leyland -Thelen (mid-size)

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