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2014-10-09: there are now over 2000 pictures on the site! New models include a Hino. Also US schoolbuses with Abu Sarhad and nicely decorated brand new Yutong buses. Pictures were taken during the Hadj and depict many older buses that are used only once a year.

2014-09-11: over 200 pictures added! Zhongtong, SANOS, KIA, Daewoo, Higer, Yutong, King Long, Anka, KIA, JAC, Golden Dragon and better pictures of the Mercedes-Benz -Aljomai. Some new models on the Abu Sarhad page, including Sino Truck trucks, and pictures of the Volvo B7R -Avtomontasza of SAPTCO.

2014-09-01: over 100 pictures added! Daewoo BF106 and BH120E, Higer KLQ6125B, KLQ6125B1 and KLQ6129Q, and as most exotic model a Drögmöller Eurocomet.

2014-08-31: 117 more pictures added! An Aljomaih Mercedes-Benz rear engine coach, the first "real" Aljomaih boywork seen. Als SANOS and Ankai as new brands in the imported buses section. Hafil has 3000 of the Ankai school buses! On the Hyundai section the FB500 front engine bus model was added in a special version with detachable roof. New here is also the Hyundai Super Aero City and the Universe Space Luxury coach. On the SAPRCO page a batch of brandnew Mercedes-Benz Travego coaches, just coming off the ship and still without registration.

2014-08-30: another 136 pictures added. This time many US schoolbuses: Blue Bird on GMC, Chevrolet and International chassis, the locally assembled Almojai-Blue Bird on GMC and a new Navistar-International. Also a few more Asia AM928, Mercedes-Benz -Ghabbour from Egypt and various Hyundai models (Aero, Aero 600, Aero City and RB600). And two Foton BJ6830U6LGB of the New Jeddah Clinic Hospital.

2014-08-25: the site has been update with some 300 pictures, including new makes: TEMSA, Perkasa (from Indonesia) and a very interesting TAM bus dating from 1986 with an open roof, catering for pilgrims who may not go to Mekkah with a roof over their head. Also new yellow Zhongtong school buses, over 2000 of which were delivered around August 2014.