KPTC 5438-5507

Ikarus 263.08

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eig./owner/prop: KPTC 5438-5507
Chassis: Ikarus 263.08
Carrosserie/body: Ikarus
cap.: B44D
bouwj./year built/année constr.: 1992
in dienst/in service/en service: 1992
afvoer/withdrawn/hors service: -

In 1992 a final batch of Ikarus 263 was delevired. Newer Ikarus buses would be of the Alfa-design. The 263.08 differed from the 263.04 by having a ZF rather than an MVG rear axle and an MVG front axle instead of a LIAZ one. The DAF LT160 engine and Voith Diwa 863 transmission/gearbox were the same. The lack of an airconditioning meant these buses were withdrawn around 2002, except for a batch that was rebuilt and remained in service a few years longer (see next page).
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