KPTC 5300-5317

Ikarus 260.44

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eig./owner/prop: KPTC 5300-5317
Chassis: Ikarus 260.44
Carrosserie/body: Ikarus
cap.: .
bouwj./year built/année constr.: 1986
in dienst/in service/en service: 1986
afvoer/withdrawn/hors service: 19xx

In 1986 a second small batch of Ikarus 260 citybuses was delivered to KPTC. They differed from the 1982-batch 5106-5116 in several aspects: blue livery, no airconditioning, larger opening windows, a Raba-MAN D2156HM6U engine and Voith Diwa transmission.
Pictures: Ikarus brochure.