KPTC 5106-5116

Ikarus 260.30

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eig./owner/prop: KPTC 5106-5116
Chassis: Ikarus 260.30
Carrosserie/body: Ikarus
cap.: .
bouwj./year built/année constr.: 1982
in dienst/in service/en service: 1982
afvoer/withdrawn/hors service: 19xx

The Ikarus 260 is the citybus version of the Ikarsu 200-series, with an underfloor engine and wide doors. The model was built in large numbers, but KPTC only had few, in two batches. The 11 buses delivered in 1982 were designated 260.30. They had two doors, airconditioning, the standard Raba-MAN D2356HM6U engine and a Renk-Doromat 873A transmission. They had the brown and white livery.
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