KPTC 5001-5105, 5117-5287

Ikarus 250K (256.53/60/62)

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eig./owner/prop: KPTC 5001-5105, 5117-5287
Chassis: Ikarus 250K (265 x 256.53, 1x 256.60, 10x 256.62)
Carrosserie/body: Ikarus
cap.: .
bouwj./year built/année constr.: 1977 (40), 1979 (10), 1980 (15), 1982 (40), 1983 (50+1 256.60), 1984 (110+10 256.62)
in dienst/in service/en service: 1977-1984
afvoer/withdrawn/hors service: 19xx

Between 1978 and 1984 a total of 276 Ikarus 256.53/60/62 (badged as Ikarus 250K) were deliverd to KPTC. The very first "Ikarus 250K", which was displayed at the Budapest fair in 1977 had clear rather than tinted glass and remained in Hungary. The first Ikarus 250K for Kuwait had original MAN D2356HMXU engines. The later buses had Raba-MAN D2356HM6U engines except for the one Ikarus 256.60 which had a supercharged Raba-MAN D2156 HM6UT engine. All Ikarus 250K had an automatic transmission by Renk-Doromat (model 873a or 874a), except the one Ikarus 256.60 which had a Voith-Diwabus automatic transmission and the ten Ikarus 256.62 whih had a Csepel ZF S6-90U-708 mechanical transmission. A few of these buses still lingered around, out of service, in 2005. Some of the remaining Ikarus 205K were sold to Jordan after the Gulf War (18 has been mentioned).
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