KPTC 11000

Ikarus 280K (280.31)

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eig./owner/prop: KPTC 11000
Chassis: Ikarus 280K (280.31)
Carrosserie/body: Ikarus "200"
cap.: .
bouwj./year built/année constr.: 1980
in dienst/in service/en service: 1980
afvoer/withdrawn/hors service: 19xx

One articulated Ikarus 280K was built for KPTC. It went to Kuwait but was not purchased by KPTC. As it was too expensive to return the vehicle to Hungary it sayed nonetheless. It was used on the route from Kuwait City to Fahaheel. It had a Raba-MAN D2156 HM6U engine and Renk Doromat 874A gearbox.
Picture: Ikarus leaflet