Bus builders in Jordan

Though Jordan does not have a very large bus market and good quality buses from nearby production in Turkey, Egypt amd Iran are readily available, there still seemed to be room for local assembly and bus body building. ELBA HOUSE, a long established construction firm started bus bodies in 1992, using technology obtained from Auwärter in Germany. Go to the ELBA page for more information on ELBA buses. The official ELBA web-page can be found here: www.elbahouse.com.

Another brand seen in Jordan is COVEMA. This concerns a midibus of which apparently only one batch was built around 2004. Go to the COVEMA page for more information and pictures. Local bus building must have existed before. Some buses with unkown, probably locally built bodies, are shown on the "old unidentified buses" page.

. UPDATED October 20, 2010