Public transport operators in Amman
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PTC (1975...19..)
Autobus (2005-2010)
Private white buses
Citybus / ATB (2010-...)

In 1975 the Public Transport Corporation was founded. It started with Mercedes-Benz O302 buses, adding MAN FOC some years later. Private operators continued to operate alongside. The company slowly detariorated and private operators took over. At the beginning of the new millennium, the government announced it wanted to retain the role of regulation and monotoring, whilst leaving the areas of service provision and operation to the private sector. To this end the Public Transport Regulatory Commission (PTRC) was established in 2001. The Commission reports directly to the ministry and until recently, maintained regulatory control, including licensing, over the entire public-transport system inside the capital and across the Kingdom. However, in a surprise move, a temporary law was passed, transferring regulatory authority of the public-transport sector within the capital to the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), with Mayor Omar Maani at the helm. The activities of the sector in areas of the Kingdom outside of the capital remained, according to the new legislation, within the regulatory purview of the PTRC. After PTRC was formed private operatores started in Amman. The largest one was Asia Transport Co, the others were Al-Thilal, Al Tawfiq and TELL. Comprehensive Multiple Transport Company (CMTC) was established in 2005 to play the role of both a holding company and an operator. Shortly after its establishment, CMTC proceeded to acquire four other operators (Asia Transport Co / Al Thilal / Al Tawfiq / Tell), together with four wholly-owned subsidiaries. The new company was called Autobus. GAM owns a 20% stake in Autobus, in a situation that manifests the government’s recent focus on, and encouragement of, public-private partnerships (PPP). All the buses were repainted, branded and some of the newest technology in the field were installed. There are currently (2009) 42 routes, 32 of which begin and end within Amman . The other 10 routes begin outside of Amman , in nearby areas, but end within Amman . To improve services Autobus has introduced new Mercedes-Benz -ELBA buses in 2008/2009, with the last batch in low-entry configuration. In addition, at least three private companies operate (peri)urban services with new, white mid-sized Hyundai Aerotown buses.
In 2010 Citybus of Kuwait acquired a 51% stake in Autobus. It added a fleet of Yutong buses but soon disagreement with the Amman municipality arose and in 2011 Citybus already withdrew. A new company, Amman Transport Bus, continued the operations.

A Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) is being developed. Works started on July 15, 2010. See: