KGL-MOWASALAT-Sharjah Transport
Sharjah urban and regional buses, Abu Dhabi services

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001-006: King Long
007-015: MCV 600
N017-N027: Totyota Coaster
1001-1070: Agrale -Busscar
2001-2072: MCV 120LE
3000: Mercedes -ELBA
6000: Mercedes -ELBA
- KIA AM928


KGL Passenger Transport Services K.S.C.C.
From KGL's website: "KGL Passenger Transport Services (KGL PTS), a subsidiary of KGL Holding, was established in 2005. Being the centerpiece of KGL Holding’s Passenger Transport Management sector, the company has matured into one of the leading multi-model passenger travel solution companies within Kuwait, offering various means of transportation to suit the customers’ requirements, both publicly and commercially. KGL PTS is headquartered in Kuwait, with operations within Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
KGL PTS’ core business includes the transport of passengers through buses (covering local and international lines), as well as the private taxi and limousine operations. Being a customer-centric company, KGL PTS is committed to offering safe, reliable, and cost-effective travel experiences for its customers through its diversified fleet.
KGL PTS provides its services in Kuwait as well as within Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, UAE. In Sharjah, KGL PTS was awarded the Government Public Transportation contract, surpassing 27 other world renowned bidders, through its extensive experience in the region, understanding local requirements and providing high quality and diversified lines of services."

Since KGL has been awarded the contract Sjarjah has an efficient bus system with a modern fleet. Below is an overview of models, based on observations. The Mercedes -ELBA coaches appear to have been transferred from Kuwait and are being repainted in the orange and white livery. However, observations in Februay 2012 (Paul McNamara) did not include any of the ELBA and KIA buses, so these may have been transferred again. Also, the number of 142 urban buses appears to have been based on somewhat optimistic passenger level projections and service reductions have led to the transfer of 38 Agrale buses to Kuwait.

KGL (UAE) fleet (from observations):
001-006 King Long King Long coaches
007-015 Mercedes-Benz O500RS 1636 MCV 600 coaches
N017-N027 Toyota Coaster Toyota midibuses
1001-1070 Agrale MT12LE Busscar urban buses Sjarjah, 2008
2001-2072 Mercedes-Benz O500U 1725 MCV 120 LE urban buses Sjarjah, 2009
3000 series Mercedes-Benz O500R ELBA coaches (5 coaches confirmed)
6000 series Mercedes-Benz O500R ELBA coaches (5 coaches confirmed)
- KIA AM928 KIA buses (2 buses confirmed)