ADDT (Abu Dhabi Department of Transport)
Abu Dhabi urban and regional buses

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1000-1200: MAN Lion's City
1300: MAN Lion's Regio
1400: MAN Lion's Regio
1500-1600: Mercedes Citaro
2000: Mercedes-Benz -Hafilat
8000: Ankai
8000: Ankai
Nissan Urvan


The emirate of Abu Dhabi has a modern bus system that has been on an expansion course for several years. The coming years the bus fleet is to more than double in size! The table below gives the current fleet, based on observations. ADDT appears to have started their operations around 2007/2008, replacing the previous system oprated by Abu Dhabi and Al Ain municipalities. Information on the very interesting fleets operated by the municipalities will be added later. ADDT has no proper website yet, though a website on the metro system that is under planning/construction gives some insight in transport developmensts:
It appears the 8000-series Ankai buses were the first used to modernise the system. Many have already been noted as being out of service beginning of 2012!
Buses operaing in and around Abu Dhabi are green and white, buses opering in Al Ain are orange and white and longer distance buses are red and white. The Ankai buses were seen in (almost) allover green and in brown and white.

ADDT: fleet (from observations):
1001-1248 MAN NL313 Lion's City MAN B34T 2009 urban buses Abu Dhabi
1301-1399? MAN UL354 Lion's Regio MAN C49D 2009 regional buses, white-green (Abu Dhabi area)
1400-1449 MAN UL354 Lion's Regio MAN C49D 2009 regional buses; white-red (longer diatances)
1501-1605 Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro Mercedes-EvoBus B36D 2009 urban buses Al Ain
2001-2014 Mercedes-Benz O500R Hafilat/Volgren C49F 2010 regional buses
8000 series Ankai HFF6100GK83 Ankai B34D 2008 urban bus, brown/white and green
- MAN Lion's City CNG MAN     on trial in Abu Dhabi beginning of 2012
- Higer XMQ6120L Higer     coaches
- Nissan Urvan Nissan     minibuses

The pictures below, taken in February 2012, show that the system will be further expanded. From 2011 to 2015 the fleet is to grow from 640 to 1574 buses!