Bus builders in China
China has a very large and growing bus industry. During the communist area the number of factories and models was very small and basically limited to the FAW1 and FAW2 group. However, starting in the mid 1980's joint ventures were created with foreign companies and during the 1990's a rapid modernisation and expansion took place, with many new factories set up or becoming independent from the former conglomerates. Chinese vehicle production is controled by the govenment and every brand and/or factory is assigned a two or three letter code. This is also used in model designations which consist of the factory code, followed by the figure 6 (for bus), two figures for the length of the vehicle in decimeteres (for vehicles under 10 meters) or in meters (for vehicles up from 10 meters), one more figure and often several letters denominating the specific model or type. While the factory code, the figure 6 and the two figures for the length ar fixed, the fourth figure and the following letters appear to be assigned at the builders discretion to identify models and types with some letters being seen often for specific vehicle models, i.e. W for a sleeper bus. Both chassis, engine and complete buses recieve model designations this way. Mostly the complete bus model designation is used. As every variation on a basic model (f.e. other gearbox) appears to recieve a different model designation, the number of models is endless. A change in the fourth figure position can designate a completely different model or a variation with no visible difference to a basic model.

The listing to the left contains 200 entries, though some factories produce under different brand names but use the same code while sometimes different factories produce the same brand with the same code.

Many companies produce only smaller midibus models (often Toyota Coaster or similar licences) for the local market. Some 30 brand names can be found on international markets.





Information has been obtained from sources as referenced and the persons indicated below.

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Brand name Code Company name
HUAXIA AC Anhui Carriage Factory
CHENGFENG AK Huarong Wanyuan Bus Manufacturing Co.Ltd.
LINGGUAN AP Huangshan City Qifeng Special Automobile Co.Ltd.
TIANTAN BF Beijing Tiantan Haiqiao Bus Co.Ltd.
BEIFANG BFC Beijing North Huade Neoplan Coach Manufacturing Co.Ltd.
BEIJING BJ Beijing Beilv Automobile Manufacturing Co.Ltd.
OUMAN BJ Beiqi Foton Motor Co.Ltd.
JINGTONG BJK Beijing Traffic Bus Manufacturing Factory 
HONGYE BK Beijing General Coach Factory 
JINGHUA BK Beijing General Coach Factory
QILU BWC Shandong Province Wucheng Qilu Automobile Co.Ltd. 
BAIYUN BY Guangdong Yunshan Automobile Factory 
BYD ? Build Yyour Dream
JIEFANG CA FAW Jilin Automobile Co.Ltd. 
YINGKESONG CAK Wuhu FAW Yangzi Automobile Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
CHUANMA CAT Chengdu Anda Special Vehicle Co.Ltd.
CHANGCHENG CC Great Wall Automobile Holding Co.Ltd.
CHANGCHUN CCJ Changchun Wanrong Automobile Reassembly Ltd.
SHUDU CDK Chengdu Bus Co.Ltd.
HUAXI CDL Chengdu FAW Automobile Co.Ltd. 
WANGPAI CDW Chengdu Wangpai Motor Co.,Ltd. 
CHUANLU CGC Sichuan Yinhe Automobile Group Co.Ltd. 
ANTONG CHG Anhui Guangtong Automobile Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
CHUANJIANG CJQ Chongqing Chuanjiang Vehicle Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
BAMIN CJY Fujian Bamin Automobile Factory 
SANXIANG CK China Hunan Sanxiang Bus Group Co.Ltd.
SIXING CKY Changsha Zoomlion Sixing Bus Co.,Ltd
CHONGQING CKZ Chongqing Yutong Bus Co.Ltd.
YUTONG CKZ Chongqing Yutong Bus Co.Ltd.
LONGXIN CLC Chengdu LONCIN Automobile Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
CHANGQING CQK Shaanxi Changqing Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
RUICHI CRC Chongqing Ruichi Automobile Industry Co.Ltd. 
HENGTONG CZK Chongqing Hengtong bus Company Ltd
HUANGHAI DD Dandong Huanghai Automobile Co.Ltd.
DONGFENG DFA Dongfeng Automobile Co.Ltd.
DONGFENG DHZ Dongfeng Hangzhou Motor Co.Ltd. 
YUANZHENG DK FAW Bus And Coach Dalian Works 
DALI DLQ Hubei Dali Special Automobile Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
DAYU DYQ Sichuan Yinhe Automobile Group Co.Ltd. 
EMEISHAN EM Sichuan Province Bus Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
DONGFENG EQ Dongfeng Motor Corporation
EMEISHAN ET Sichuan Keweida Vehicle Industry Emei Co.Ltd. 
FEIDIE FD  (error), Hangzhou, Zhejiang 
WUZHOULONG FDG Shenzen Wuzhoulong Automobile Company Ltd
FUJIAN FJ Fujian XinLongma Automotive Industry Co.Ltd.
FUQI FQ Jiangxi Huaxiang Fuqi Automobile Co.,Ltd.
FEICHI FSQ Foshan Feichi Automobile Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
Jincheng GDQ Qinghuangdao Jincheng Automotive Industry Co.Ltd. 
GUILINDAYU GDW Guilin Daewoo Bus Co.,Ltd. 
HANGTIAN GHT Guizhou Aerospace Yuantong Automobile Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. 
YANGZHONG GJ Guiyang Jinzhong Medical Instrument Factory 
GUILIN GL Guilin Bus Industrial Group Corp. 
GUILINDAYU GL Guilin Daewoo Bus Co.,Ltd. 
ISUZU GLK Guangzhou Isuzu Bus Co.Ltd. 
GUANGTONG GTQ Zhuhai Guangtong Automobile Co.Ltd. 
JUNWEI GZ Guangzhou Denway Bus Co.Ltd.
CHANGLU HB Hebei Changlu Bus Factory
HUABEI HC Gaobeidian City Zhongke Huabei Motor Co.Ltd.
JIANGHUAI HFC Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co.Ltd.
ANKAI HFF Anhui Ankai Automobile Co.,Ltd.
XINGKAILONG HFX Anhui Ankai Automobile Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. 
HEKE HK Anhui Jianghuai Bus Co.Ltd.
DAMA HKL Jiangdu Hongyun Bus Co.Ltd. 
HEILONGJIANG HLJ Heilongjiang Automobile Refit Co.Ltd. 
HUAXIN HM Haimen Bus Factory
HUNAN HN Anhui Valin Automobile Group Co.Ltd. 
BANGLE HNQ Hunan Auto Axle Factory 
SANYI HQC Hunan Automobile Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
CHUFENG HQG Hubei Special Vehicle Manufacturing Factory 
HONGQIAO HQK Guangzhou Hongqiao Bus Manufacturing Co.Ltd.
HUARONG HRK Huarong Wanyuan Bus Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
SAITE HS Hunan Province Commercial Vehicles Factory 
HUASHI HSG Huangshi Automobile Refit Factory 
HONGXING HX Hebei Hongxing Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd
YANCHENG HYK Hengyang Bus Special Vehicle Factory 
YUDAN HYK Wuxi Shenzhou Automobile Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
XIANFEI HZG Changjiang Bus Co.Ltd. Hangzhou 
DONGFANG HZK Huzhou Bus Factory 
NVSHEN JB Jiangsu Nvshen Automobile Group Corporation 
SHILI JCC Jinan Shili Bus Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
SHENMA JH Hengdian Group Shenma Automobile Co.Ltd. 
HUAFENG JHC CITIC Machinery Manufacturing Inc. 
HUANGHE JK China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Jinan Bus Co.Ltd. 
JINLING JLY Nanjing Jinling Double-decker Bus Factory 
QINGNIAN JNP Jinhua Qingnian Automobile Manufacturing Co.,Ltd 
CHUNZHOU JNQ Zhangjiagang Jiangnan Automobile Manufacture Co.Ltd.
YAXING JS Jiangsu Yaxing Motor Coach Group Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co.Ltd. 
JIANGLING JX Jiangling Isuzu Motors Co.Ltd. 
JIANGXI JXK Jiangxi KAMA Business Projects Bus Co.Ltd.
ZHONGYI JYK Jiangxi Yichun Bus Factory Co.,Ltd 
YUTONG KJ Luoyang Yutong Automobile Co.Ltd.
YUNHAI KK Kunming Bus Refit Factory 
KUAILE KL Ningbo Bus Factory 
JINLONG KLQ Suzhou King Long United Automotive Industry Co.Ltd. 
DONGFENG KM Dongfeng Yunnan Motor Co.Ltd. 
KEWEIDA KWD Sichuan Keweida Vehicle Industry Emei Co.Ltd. 
JINHUI KYL Guangdong Yinlong Automotive Industry Co.Ltd. 
ZHONGTONG LCK Zhongtong Bus Holding Co.Ltd.
LIFAN LF Chongqing Lifan Automobile Co.Ltd.
LONGJIANG LJK Harbin Longjiang Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
LISHAN LS Zhongche Group Xian Lishan Automobile Manufacturing Factory 
LEDA LSK Leshan Tianlong Automobile Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
Luzhou LZK Anhui Ankai Automobile Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. 
WULING LZW SAIC GM Wuling Automobile Co.Ltd.
MUDAN MD Mudan Automobile Shares Company Limited
BENZ ND Inner Mongolia No. 1 Machinery Group Corporation Limited 
JIJIANG NE Ningbo Jijiang Automobile Manufacturing Co.Ltd.
IVECO NJ Yuejin Automobile Group Corporation
YUEJIN NJ Yuejin Automobile Group Corporation
JIANKANG NJC Nanjing Public Traffic Vehicle Factory 
YUHUA NJK Nanjing Bus Manufacturing Factory 
DONGYU NJL Nanjing King Long Bus Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
ZHEJIANG NPS Ningbo Shenma Automobile Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
ANYUAN PK Anyuan Industry Co.Ltd. Pingxiang Bus Factory
QIAOXING QXQ Taishan Qiaoxing Automobile Co.Ltd. 
BENDE QY Qingyuan Aojiang Mini Automobile Corporation 
CHANGAN SC Hebei Changan Motor Co.,Ltd 
SHANCHUAN SCQ Chengdu Qiangli Shanchuan Bus Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
HUATAI SDH Rongcheng Huatai Automobile Co.Ltd. 
SIDA SDJ State-owned Sida Machinery Manufacturing Company 
FEIYAN SDL Shandong Zhongtong Feiyan Automobile Co.Ltd.
RIYE SFQ Shenyang Aircraft Corporation 
SHENFEI SFQ Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
ZUANSHI SGK Shanghai Guanghui Bus Factory Co.,Ltd 
SHANGHUAN SH Shanghai Huizhong Automotive Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
HANLONG SHZ Shaanxi Hanzhong Bus Co.Ltd. 
JUYING SJ Guangzhou Suijing Bus Manufacturing Co.Ltd.
SHANGHAI SK Shanghai Bus Factory 
LONGDI SLA Hubei Shuanglong Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
SHAOLIN SLG Henan Shaolin Auto Co.Ltd. 
JUNMA/SUNLONG SLK Shanghai Sunlong Bus Company Ltd
SIPING SPK Siping City Changjiang Bus Co.Ltd. 
TIANTONG SQ Shijiazhuang Zhongbo Auto Co.Ltd. 
XIANGYANG SQ Shijiazhuang Zhongbo Auto Co.Ltd. 
YAMA SQJ Sichuan Automotive Industry Group Corporation
SHANGRAO SR Jiangxi Xinxin Industry Co.Ltd. Shangrao Bus Factory
DEJINMA STL Shenyang Tianling Automobile Co.Ltd. 
SHENWO SWB Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation
VOLVO SWB Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation
SHANQI SX Shaanxi Automobile Group Co.Ltd. 
XIANG SXC Shanghai Wonson Automobile Co.Ltd. 
SHANXI SXK Shanxi Yuxing Bus Co.Ltd. 
BRILLIANCE SY Shenyang Brilliance Jinbei Automobile Co.Ltd.
SANYI SY Hunan Sany Bus Co.Ltd.
SANYI SYM Sany Automobile Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
ZHONGSHUN SZS Shenyang Zhongshun Automobile Co.Ltd. 
BAOLONG TBL Guangzhou Baolong Group Light Automobile Manufacturing Co.Ltd.
CSR-TIMES TEG Xhuzhou CSR Times Electric Company Ltd
TONGGONG TG Sichuan Huatong Automobile Group Corporation 
JINMA TJK Tianjin Bus Assembly Factory 
BINHAI TJR Tianjin Irizar Bus Manufacturing Co.Ltd.
EVEREST TJR Tianjin Irizar Bus Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
TONGXIN TX Changsha Meihua Automobile Manufacturing Co.Ltd.
WANDA WD Guizhou Wanda Coach Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
HUAZHONG WH Wuhan Bus Factory 
LUSHAN XFC Jiangxi Fire Fighting Vehicles Manufacturing Factory 
PEIXIN XH Shanghai Xinhua Automobile Works 
XIYU XJ Xinjinag Zhongtong Bus Co.,Ltd 
XIANGLING XL Changsha Jiali Automobile Co.,Ltd
JINLV XML Xiamen Golden Dragon Van Co. Ltd.
JINLONG XMQ Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co.Ltd.
TAIHU XQ FAW Bus And Coach Wuxi Works 
JINNAN XQX Wuxi Traffic Automobile Refit Co.Ltd. 
XIWO XW Xian Silver Bus Corporation 
BENZ YBL Yaxing-Benz Co.Ltd.
YAXING YBL Yaxing-Benz Co.Ltd. 
YANGCHENG YC Guangzhou Yangcheng Automobile Co.Ltd.
ZHONGDA YCK Yancheng Zhongwei Bus Co.Ltd. /Zonda Group Automobile Industry Department
YANJING YJ Beijing Zonda Yanjing Motor Co.Ltd. 
YUNMA YM Guizhou Yunma Aircraft Manufacturing Factory
MAKE YS Jiangsu Changlong Bus Co.Ltd. 
MGO YS Jiangsu Changlong Bus Co.Ltd. 
YING YT Jiangxi Huitong Automobile Co.Ltd.
SHUCHI YTK Yantai Safety Speed Passenger Car Co.Ltd.
YANXING YXC Hebei Yanxing Machinery Co.,Ltd 
YANGZI YZK Anhiu Changfeng Yangzi Motor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. 
YANGZI YZL Yangzhou Yaxing Bus Co.,Ltd. 
SHENMA ZA Hengdian Group Shenma Automobile Co.Ltd.
YOUYI ZGT Jiangsu Youyi Automobile Co.Ltd.
YUEXI ZJC Hangzhou Yuexi Bus Manufacturing Co.Ltd.
SHENYE ZJZ Zhenjiang Automobile Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 
CHONGQING ZK Chongqing Yutong Bus Co.Ltd. 
YUTONG ZK Lanzhou Yutong Bus Co.,Ltd., Zhengzhou Yutong Coach Manufacturing Co.Ltd.
DONGOU ZQK Zhangjiagang Light Duty Bus Factory 
CHANGBAISHAN ZY FAW Yanbian Xiantong Automobile Co.Ltd.
ZHONGYU ZYA Wuhan Zhongyu Automobile Co.Ltd. 
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