241,038 sq km.
Population 33.6 million
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Uganda has no bus building industry, though it appears there was some bodywork construction up to the 1990's. Buses are imported from Kenya which has large and well established bus body builders. Chassis are mainly Isuzu, Nissan (assembled in Kenya) and Scania (assembled in Tanzania). In addition there are secondhand imports from Japan. Midi- and minibuses are new or secondhand imports from Japan, mainly Mitsubishi Rosa for the midibuses and Toyota Hiace for the minibuses. Recently Chinese buses have been imported.

Urban transport is currently by minibuses though a new company, Pioneer, has been established and started operating with large buses in 2011. Due to various problems its 100 buses have been stored since mid 2012. Up to the mid-1990's United provided urban and regional services with large buses but that company folded.

Interurban and international transport is with minibuses or with privately owned large buses, with several companies in evidence. In addition Uganda Post provides long distance services.

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