Société Régionale de Transport du Gouvernorat de Gafsa, SRTG

Ikarus 283.20 -STIA

Between 1997 and 2004 STIA built a total of 435 articulated buses on Ikarus 283.20 chassis. 50 of those had DAF GS200-engines, the remainder RABA D10-engines. The DAF-engined buses had one front door and two doors in the trailer-part, the RABA-engined vehicles had the second door between the first and second axle and only one door in the trailer. After the first batches the roof was raised some 10 centimeters which can clearly be seen as these buses have a broad strip between the window-top and the roofline and the roof slopes up over the first meter. All SRTG buses seen were of the high model with RABA-engine.