Société Régionale de Transport du Gouvernorat de Gafsa, SRTG


The AP160 chassis is a sturdy export-model introduced by IVECO in 1984. It was available in two-lengths: 11.27 and 11.83 meters and had a rear-mounted IVECO engine; initially the 8210.02 and later the 8460.41 Euro 1 model with an output of 194 to 216 kW. In Tunesia these buses had bodywork by STIA to old Van Hool designs; the longer city bus model with the squarish and the shorter intercity/coach model with the rounded disign. In Tunesia these buses were built until around 2000 when they were replaced by the EuroRider 26, 27 and 29. In 2006 SRTG operated several buses of the rounder coach model, numbered in the 1000-series. The highest number seen, 1099, was in a new white livery and had airconditioning.