ICAR Société les Industries de Carrossage Automobile
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On the following pages series of buses and coaches, as yet not ordered....just click on the pictures!
(ex STIA model)
Mercedes OHL
(ex STIA model)
Mercedes OHL
Volkswagen 18.320
Mercedes O500MA
Mercedes OC500
In 2009 the Tunisian Marbrouk group bought the Société Tunisienne des Industries Automobiles (STIA) from the Tunisian government. Marbrouk invested in the company and changed the name to ICAR (Société les Industries de Carrossage Automobile). Initially STIA models were continued but very soon new bus models were introduced. The factory and headquarters of ICAR are based in Sousse. So far one older STIA coach model on Mercedes-Benz OH chassis has beeen seen badged as ICAR but was modernised in 2013/4. Two new models: a coach on Brazilian Volkswagen Volksbus 18.320 chassis and an articulated bus on Mercedes-Benz O500MA chassis, also from Brazil, were introduced. The most recent version of teh coach is on Mercedes-Benz OC500-basis. The site (2014) shows the standard Irisbus coach as built for, for example, SNTRI, as still available though recent acquisitions appear to be on Volkswagen. Also on the site is the Irisbus EuroRider bus as previously built by STIA, but none have been seen so far.
Company website: http://www.icar-sa.com/