Alpha Bus
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On the following pages series of buses and coaches, as yet not ordered....just click on the pictures!
MAN A89 urban bus
MAN regional bus
MAN A90 artic.bus
International bus
MAN RR8 urban bus
MAN A24 art lf
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MAN A51 coach
MAN R33/A51 coach
MAN RR2 coach

Beginning of the new Millennium MAN entered the Tunisian market in collaboration with Alpha Bus, a new company that started building standard and articulated buses and coaches on MAN chassis. Alpha Bus is part of a group of industrial companies and automotive dealers (a.o. Alpha Ford, Alpha International). In 2002 an order for 80 chassis model A74/A89 came from SNT (now TRANSTU). In November 2005 an order for 217 A89 standard and 308 A90 articulated buses was obtained from OCT (Office de Commerce de Tunisie) for delivery over a three-year period to the various state bus companies. The company thus quickly became a competitor to the established STIA and SETCAR. Coaches are built on the A51 chassis. During the turmoil around 2011 the owners of Alpha Bus got into some trouble and a campaign against Alpha was launched after an accident with an articulated bus. Apparently there have been some changes and a new coach model was introduced. More interestingly new buses were introduced on a rear engine International 3000RE chassis built in Mexico. By the end of 2014 Alpha Bus introduced the new model as built on the International chassis also on the MAN chassis. In addition a new low-floor articulated MAN city bus was launched using the same body design.
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