Buses in Tanzania
947,300 sq km.
Population 43,601,796
Large cities:
 Dar es Salaam





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various buses

Tanzania's bus system is dominated by mini- and midibuses, called "dalla-dalla", a name going back to German times when a ride in a carriage would cost one "Thaler" and touts would shout "thaler-thaler"! Dar-es-Salaam once boasted real British double-deckers and buses but now only midibuses can be found on the city service. Large buses are used on regional and long distance services as well as for school and employee transport. Models are typically built on sturdy chassis: previouslay many Leylands, nowadays Isuzu, Scania, Mercedes-Benz and others. Bodywork is built locally or imported, mostly from Kenya. Zanzibar has it's own bus models: trucks with an open wooden body, also called "dalla-dalla".

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