Bus operators in Swaziland
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On the following pages series of buses in 1988 in Swaziland organised by operator... JUST CLICK ON THE LINKED PICTURES!
Awungaphumelela BS
Bheka Okwakho B.S.
Blue Ribbon B.S.
Ema Nowane
Hamba Ubuye B.S.
Hollywood Express
Impilo B.S.
Inqaba B.S.
Intamakuphila B.S.
Inyatsi B.S.
Isangoli B.S.
Isiphiwo B.S.
Isishingishane B.S.
Komati B.S.
Malangeni T.S.
Malunge B.S.
Maphiko B.S.
Masheshe Transport
Morning Star B.S.
Muhle Tours
Ndelalula B.S.
Ndzimandzes B.S.
Ntamakuphila B.S.
Oobonga Brothers
Phalala Juba Express
Siphefu B.S.
Special B.S.
Speedy B.S.
Swazi B.S.
Tekatakho Tr.S.
Thula B.S.
Tinstsaki B.S.
. .. .
Tit for Tat B.S.
Zeemans Passenger S.
Zula Kaya Lami

Typical for Swaziland in 1988 was the large number of operators. Some 40 were seen and are represented here. All company names were prominently displayed on the vehicles. Large bus models used were front engine Mercedes, MAN and a few Nissan, ERF and old Leyland with bodywork (as far as could be identified) mainly by BUSAF and Ramdaries and a few others such as Bertco and Republican. Smaller buses were Mercedes-Benz and a single Toyota with various type of bodywork, again with BUSAF and Ramdaries as the most important ones. Integral midibuses were a few Nissan/Datsun Civillian.