Rea Vaya
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500-series 600-series
Scania -Marcopolo
Scania art.-Marcopolo

Rea Vaya website:

The first phase (1A) of the Rea Vaya (meaning "We are Going") Bus Rapid Transit System in Johannesburg was opened in 2009. In February 2014 phase 1B was opened and phase 1C is currently under construction. The system is set up according to the Latin American model with high platform / bus stops. There are articulated buses that have only high platform doors on the right hand side and standard buses that have high platform doors on the right hand side and normal doors on the left hand side so they can be used on feeder routes.

The system currently consists of Trunk routes T1 tot T3, Complementary routes C1 to C5 and Feeder routes F1 to F11. The company website gives ample information. The system is complemented by the Metro Johannesburg system with its normal bus network though there appears to be no fare integration.

Buses used are also from Latin American bus builders (though production now takes place in South Africa). There are currently standard lenght buses and articulated buses on Mercedes-Benz O500M and O500MA chassis and Scania KIB and KIA chassis, all with Marcopolo Gran Viale bodywork. The Scania buses are operated by Pio Trans, an operating company. The standard buses have a blue front part, the articulated buses a red one.

The company website gives ample information on the system, inlcuding maps and timetables.