Metrobus Johannesburg
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ERF -Busaf
Volvo B10M -Busaf
200-289 and 3xx-3xx
Volvo -Marcopolo
Volvo -Marcopolo
X100 - X101

Metrobus Johannesburg website:

Metrobus (Johannesburg Metropolitan Bus Service) started in July 2001 and is the successor to Johannesburg Transportation Department, the municipal company. It is wholly owned by the City of Johannesburg. There are currently 330 scheduled routes and 128 school routes. The network is divided into concentric zones, radiating out from the Central Business District, with most routes starting from the inner city bus terminals. The company website provides information on routes and schedules.

When starting Metrobus continued with the fleet of Johannesburg Transport, consisting of some 275 Mercedes-Benz O305 double deckers and ERF, MAN, Mercedes and Volvo single deckers 1-82, 191-194 and 200-289. In December 2003 the fleet of Roodepoort was integrated and renumbered 301...394. The last series purchased by JT were ERF Trailblazer, MAN and Volvo B10M with TFM and Busaf bodywork, dating from the mid 1990's. Older buses were Mercedes-Benz double deckers and a few single deckers. Members of the old fleet still present in 2014 belong to the ERF and Volvo B10M series.

Newly purchased buses all have Marcopolo bodywork. The 4000-series is built on Mercedes-Benz O500M chassis, the 5000-series double deckers on Volvo B7L chassis and the 6000-series on Volvo B7R chassis. Coaches are built on the Mercedes-Benz O500R(S) chassis. The 150 5000-series buses were initially numbered 101-165, 201-275 and 301-310, suffixed by 02 (so 10102 to 16502, 20102 to 27502 and 30102 to 31002. The 50 6000-series buses were initially numbered 166-175 (16602 to 17502), 276-295 (27602 to 29502) and 311-330 (31102 to 33002). Renumbering was not in numericl order.

Total fleet size has been around 500 vehicles though with the opening of Rea Vaya the number decreased and probably stands around 350 active vehicles.