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Guy Arab -BUSAF
Daimler -BUSAF
Leyland -BUSAF
Merc. -BUSAF
Merc. -BUSAF
Merc. -Springfield
535, 544-546
Merc. -Springfield
Merc. -BUSAF
Merc. -BUSAF
Merc. -Craftsmen/Br.
Merc. -Durabuild
seen: 17-42
Volvo -BUSAF

Johannesburg Transportation was the municipal operator of the city of Johannesburg. It operated trams until 193x and was a large trolleybus operator with the very last trolleybus operation in 1986! In 2000 the municipal bus service (Johannesburg Transport) was re-organized into a corporation and became Metro Bus.

Johannesburg had an interesting fleet of buses with many double deckers. In 1969 the city started introducing modern doubledeckers: 16 Daimler-BUSAF (301-316) and 14 Bristol VRL-BUSAF (317-330). In 1970 came Daimler Fleetline -Park Royal number 331 as a prototype. After successful testing, more Fleetlines of this model were ordered which received South African Bus Bodies bodywork. In 1971-1974 came the 332 to 416, while in 1976 the 417-470 were delivered. The latter were officially Leyland Fleetlines as Daimler had been taken over by Leyland. These buses lasted some 15 to 20 years, dissappearing from regular service by the beginning of the 1990s.
The next generation of double deckers was built on Mercedes-Benz O305 chassis. While most of the 289 Mercedes Benz O305 double deckers delivered between 1976 and 1990 received BUSAF bodywork, 14 (535, 544-546, 690-699) received Springfield bodywork which looked very different. 55 buses were built on older chassis from the single decker fleet. In additon there were numbers 800, ex trolleybus 800, and 801, an ex Cape Town demonstrator, bringing the total number of Mercedes-Benz O305 double deckers in Johannesburg to 291. The table gives details:

501 1 BUSAF 1976 prototype
502-534, 536-543 41 BUSAF 1978  
535, 544-546 4 Springfield 1978/9  
547-569 23 BUSAF 1979  
570-593 24 BUSAF 1980/1  
594-644 51 BUSAF 1982  
645-674 30 BUSAF 1984  
690-699 10 Springfield 1981  
471-500 30 BUSAF 1984 rebuilt on older chassis of 191-245
974-998 25 BUSAF 1984 rebuilt on older chassis of 191-245
701-750 50 BUSAF 1987/90  
800 1 ? 1986 ex trolleybus 800 from 1981
801 1 BUSAF 1988 ex Cape Town demo 2030 from 1986

Single decker modernisation started in 1971 with a series of 180 Mercedes-Benz O305 with Craftsmen and Brockhouse bodywork (66-245), nut 55 of those (191-245) were rebodied as double deckers in 1984. Apart from some prototypes no other single deckers were bought until a modernisation program during the 1990's. Some of the Mercedes O305 single deckers were later rebodied by Durabuild (191-194).

The buses were in a maroon and off-white livery. This was changed to allover white with the introduction of the new bus models in 1993. Also older single deckers and Mercedes double deckers were repainted white. During this period the number of buses with allover advertisements increased. In 1993 new prototype single deckers were put into service with bodywork by TFM, a few on MAN and others on ERF Trailblazer chassis, with numbering starting at 1. These were followed by series of some 30 ERF Trailblazer -TFM buses with a slightly different front end. Another series of around 30 ERF Trailblazer buses with BUSAF Metrocoach bodywork, very similar to the TFM bodywork, came around 1993 (highest number seen is 70). Finally a series of over 100 Volvo B10M buses with identical BUSAF Metrocoach bodywork numbered in the 200-300 series (highest umber seen 316) was delivered around 1996.

When Metrobus was created in 2001 the fleet of new single deckers and most of the Mercedes-Benz doubledecker fleet was present. Replacement of the doubledeckers came in 2001/2002 with the introduction of 150 new Volvo doubledeckers and 50 single deckers and was concluded in 2006 with the addition of 126 Mercedes-Benz single deckers. The new ERF, MAN and Volvo single deckers purchased during the 1990's remained in service with Metrobus, as did rebuilt Mercedes single deckers 191-194.