Franschhoek Wine Tram
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On the following pages series of buses and the tram...just click on the pictures!


The town of Franschhoek near Cape Town is in the center of South Africa's famous wine area. It is an important tourist destination. Wine tours are popular and to allow all visitors to drink wine without having to drive tours connect the center to the various wineries. In order to add more flavour to the tours a wine tram was added as part of the tour. It uses a short part of the former railway which had been out of use since the 1990's. A tram was built by Prof (Tty) Ltd Engineers, Alrode (Johannesburg), a compnay that builds among others diesel locomotives. The tram has a low emission engine running on biodiesel. The tours started iu 2012. In addition to the tram there are at least three open buses (one Isuzu and two TATA) making various tours., among others providing the connection between the town center and the tram station. All vehicles have "fleet number" 10.

The tram goes to the Rickety Bridge Winery Station where a vintage Dodge truck which belongs to the winery takes visitors to the nearby winery.