824,292 sq km.
Population 2.17 million
Large cities: Windhoek, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay





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Windhoek bus services
Semi-trailer buses
Various buses 1988
Various buses 2014, part 1
Various buses 2014, part 2
Various buses 2014, part 3
Minibuses 2014

We've started these pages with some pictures dating from 1988, including Windhoek urban services. Namibia at that time was still administred by South Africa as "South West Africa". New additions are pictures made in 2014. Windhoek still has its blue city buses. But in general Nambia is not a "bus country". Some long distance and international buses, and transport of workers. Small vehicles (IVECO Daily) are now commo. Many long distance buses pull a small trailer.

Contributions were made by:
John Veerkamp (1988)
Berend van Nijen (2014)
Buses World Wide

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