Bus operators in Lesotho
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On the following pages series of buses in Lesotho organised by operator... JUST CLICK ON THE LINKED PICTURES!
Lesotho Freight and Bus Service Corp.
Motsoane Trans
various unidentified operators
smaller Mercedes body on chassis
old buses, out of service
mini/midibuses (taxis)
Buses and companies seen in 1988, not existing anymore in 2015.
Kokopshe a Mara
Phalafala Bus Service
Ratanang Basotho
T.R.Isaacs Transport
Mercedes midibuses
. . .. .
Various unidentified
Toyota Dyna
"taxis" 1988

Bus companies with large buses seen in 2015 (and 1988) are:
Lesotho Freight and Bus Service Corporation (1988, 2015)
D.M.Monate (2015)
Motsoane Trans (2015)
T.T.Trans (2015)
Mollelo (1988, 2015)

Only seen in 1988:
Kokopshe a Mara (1988)
M.T.Ramohai (1988)
Phalafala Bus Service (1988)
Ratsanang Basotho (1988)
T.R.Isaacs Transport

Lesotho Freight and Bus Service Corporation and
Kokopshe a Mara are/were parastatal companies.

Minibuses/taxi's also carry the name of the owner. Those are not mentioned above.

The Department of Transport and Traffic is responsible for the operation of road transport, ensuring the availability of public transport and monitoring the participation of the private sector. The parastatal company Lesotho Freight and Bus Services Corporation operaes on remote roads that do not have a commercial service. Sixteen-seat private minibus taxis provide most public transport in rural areas and for commuters in peri-urban areas. Some larger buses operate on inter-urban routes and saloon taxis operate in and around towns. Operating outside the regulatory framework, 4x4 pickups provide essential public transport on difficult routes where minibuses cannot go.
Private taxi and bus transport operators dominate the public transport subsector.

Some very old buses were found along the roadside, either as wreck, as storage room or left standing when they gave up.

"Normal taxi's" are white and yellow. They play an important role in public transport.