ACBSE (Addis Ababa city services)
6050-6400-series DAF TB2175 -Berkhof "Pacific"

The government of The Netherlands funded buses for Addis Ababa twice. In 1995-1997 266 DAF TB2105 -Berkhof "Pacific" buses were delivered, followed by another 150 around 2003. Numbering was in the 6000-series, probably 6051-6316 for the first batch while for the second batch buses in the 6400-series were seen. They are built on DAF's sturdy TB2175, sepcially designed for African conditions, and have a body built by Berkhof in Valkenswaard (Netherlands) to the "Pacific" design of Jonckheere in Belgium. Berkhof was, at the time, the owner of the Jonckheere factory so certain models could be built in either factory according to capacity available. The fact that the Dutch government provided funds for these buses was probably also a reason to build them in the Netherlands.
These buses have the usual three doors, hard seating and a conductor's seat on the right hand side, before the rear door. Passenger flow is from rear to front. In 2013 a refurbishment program started which encompassed among others the installation of a new Egyptian Euro 2 engine.