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On the following pages various models of El NASR buses and coaches....just click on the pictures!
Nasr 110
Nasr 190
Nasr (610/611)
Nasr 810
Nasr 811/871
Nasr 811/871 (part 2)
Nasr 8xx-CNG
Nasr 841
Nasr 842
Nasr 852
Nasr 883
Nasr 923
Nasr 935
Nasr 965
. .
Nasr 966M
Nasr 974
Nasr 978
Nasr 985
Nasr 2000-CNG

Nasr (El Nasr Automotive Manufacturing Company) was founded in the 1950's. The company built vehicles, buses and trucks, mostly under license. For buses a close calloboration with Magirus-Deutz from Gemany resulted in 1958 in the first generation of buses which were Magirus-Deutz Saturn 1 built under license. Though the model was modernised and longer vehicles were built they remained technically the same. After Magirus became part of IVECO the collaboration continued and buses were built on the IVECO AP160-chassis. In January 2000 the company was split up and the bus division was privatized as EAMCO (Engineering Automotive Manufacturing Co.). This became affiliated with Daewoo. Nasr continued producing cars until 2009 when all vehicle production was stopped.